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"Honey STOP...
Look how BEAUTIFUL their cake is!"

Dear Event Planner,

If you're about to plan a special event, prepare to have your life changed!

Did you know the most expensive cake in the world cost more than R1.4 billion? (9 zeros)

Because it's a well-known fact that...

A beautiful cake is guaranteed to take everyone's breath away!

Whether you want a large selection of heavenly mini cakes or a beautiful custom cake (or both)...


Just know, Sassy Bakes is like your Granny.


And your Granny's desserts are out of this world...

Every bite explodes with flavor!


Every detail is gentle on the eyes.

Do you remember how it amazing you felt, eating them with your granny, clutching your stomach from the laughter?

Don't you want to recreate those memories?


If you want to recreate those memories, along with her delicious dessert...

Fill out our simple form and I'll start working with you as soon as possible!

I am certain everyone at you event will talk about how beautiful the desserts were for years to come!!

Fill out the form below:

Excited to work with you! I'm Replying ASAP

Desserts for Wedding or birthday
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